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Wrong Correct Arabic
almasjid al-masjid المَسجِد
assalaamualaikum as-salaamu 3alaikum السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم
alhamdulillah al-7amdu lillah الحَمدُ لله
shukran shukraN شُكرًا
madrasa / madrasah madrasat" مَدرَسَة

Special Characters

Property Symbol Usage Without symbol With symbol
alif maq9oura ^ 3alaa^ عَلَا عَلَى
taa2 marbuTa t" madrasat" مَدرَسَت مَدرَسَة
silent alef | kafarou| كَفَرُو كَفَرُوا
sukoon * em*ti7aan اِمتِحَان اِمْتِحَان

Special Consonants to Remember

Romanised Arabic
th ث
7 ح
j / g ج
kh / 5 خ
dz / d' ذ
sh / ch / s' ش
9 / S ص
dh / 9' ض
T ط
Z ظ
3 ع
gh / 3' غ
t" ة


Use of this web app requires basic knowledge of Arabic.

We do not support romanised variants for consonants in Arabic dialects. For example, 'g' is often used to romanise the letter ق

This web app is still in beta version.

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