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I like learning (human) languages, coding and cafe-hopping.

Arabic Verb Conjugator

For students learning Arabic at beginner to intermediate level.

Main themes of this app:

  • Verb conjugation
  • Quizzes: root finder, conjugation, translation
  • Vocabulary list of over 100 verbs
  • Frequently used verbs in the Quran

The Pro version includes top 75 Quran vocab and is ad-free.

Watch this space for the iOS release!

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Swift Grader

Introducing a faster way to grade your students' scripts - designed for teachers.

More information on the iOS version can be found here.

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The Kiasu Grocer

The calculator for kiasu shoppers.

Which is cheaper?

A) $4.95 for 500ml
B) $4.80 for 480ml

In a few taps, this app will tell you that (A) is the cheaper option.

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Using TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, this app classifies the meal you're having into one of the 33 classes.

More information on TensorFood for Android can be found here.

Watch this space for the iOS release!

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